Stripped Chenille Clutch with Tassel

Stripped Chenille Clutch with Tassel


One of my favorites!

I wasn’t sure what this would turn out like when I ordered the fabric, but I love it. The subtlety and gentle nature of the fabric pattern is striking in luxurious chenille. It is quiet confidence, total class, and a bit of luxury all wrapped in a clutch bag.

This bag features a crisp white zipper with shiny gold teeth, peach colored tassel and simple cream muslin lining.

Our clutches are built with extra firm stabilizer, allowing them to stand tall and straight while showcasing the beautiful fabrics they are made from.

A great accessory for a night out on the town offering a seriously posh splash of color, or a bag to tuck neatly into your purse to organize your cargo in style.

Know a mom? A trendy one? This bag will hold up to four diapers and wipes - how’s that for a hip diaper bag? Mom in style, friends.

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