Washable Heart Ouch Pouch in Red and Pink

Washable Heart Ouch Pouch in Red and Pink


Have an ouchie? We have the sweetest boo boo bags for your little (or yourself) to help soothe any pesky bumps and bruises. Pop it in the microwave for 30 second intervals to unleash some calming warmth, or stick in in the freezer for cooling comfort. Our removable cover allows you to wash off the ick after each use - no need to throw these away.

Made of extremely soft flannel, this boo boo bag is a little piece of luxury that is sure to delight both the young and old members of your household this winter. Like a well loved pair of jeans, this item will have a slight fraying of the applique with age. 

  • 100% cotton flannel cover sewn with 100% cotton thread

  • 100% cotton muslin rice bag insert

  • 7"x7"

  • Ships USPS Priority Mail

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